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Just moved to the area, and I am a widowed Father of 2. I do believe in chemistry when people meet, do not really believe in like at first sight, but would hope you would be open, honest, communicative, not a shy person that would be afraid to spankking me husbsnd I offer you spanking my husband blog number. I'm white with short brown hair, brown eyes and Rochelle sex wear glboobses. Se you had black hair and a sexy face. Preferably waiting for married or attached.

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I had a new colleague pushing buttons in some major ways, and he finally pushed the wrong one and I went off.

Pam Spanks Her Husband

I reported last year about an incident in which I went off on someone and Anne made me apologize to them, and how humbling that. This time the spanking my husband blog is different, in spanking my husband blog last time I really did feel like I jumped to a conclusion that was wrong even if it was perfectly consistent with the kind of dick-ish behavior this person displayed on a regular spankibg.

Even if it was humbling to do, I felt like my behavior really called for it precisely because my reaction to him nusband factually wrong. But, for now, on to other things. Compare the discipline you got from your parents with the guy and girl fuck girl you get from your wife or give to your husband.

Are You China Sex Fun And Afe

How are they alike and different? Which has been more effective?

Which do you prefer? But, before we get to that, a hopefully interesting aside. For the whole back story, check out this article: The quote I ended up using has nothing to do with parental discipline, but I found it while doing the search for quotes for today's topic and it seemed to me to be a very insightful statement spanking my husband blog the interplay between love and authority.

For someone who now spends hours a week writing or reading about adult discipline, being disciplined plays a very minor role in my memories of my childhood and burlington7054 adult personals years.

Interestingly, I do remember at least one spanking she gave one of my sisters. In fact, it had some corollaries to the drawing the left, except what I recall is my sister spanking my husband blog draped over the end of the bed, not on all fours on top of it. What I don't recall is exactly how I came to have this memory. The spanking my husband blog likely explanation is that I opened the bedroom door a crack and looked in as spanking my husband blog was happening.

Probably should have earned one myself for that behavior. I'm also pretty certain that was not the only time my sister got spanked. She was kind of a bully as a teen and got in lots of trouble at school and, like a lot of families at that time and in that place, the rule was "get spanked at school, get a second and harder one at home that night.

I do recall some threatened and adult clubs lafayette least one actual spanking from my father.

An Epic Spanking for my Husband. I conducted .. I spank my husband but sometimes feel it has not been effective. .. (Also see my Blog post). My Blog List. OldFashionGirl SPANKING! Couples role-play therapy) -. 12 hours ago. My Bottom Smarts · Keyword Chaos: Autumn Edition. When she's here I'd rather her not see me posting on the blog. I was thinking that posting about my husband's spankings was not necessary.

I recall the threatened spanking situation fairly vividly, and it involved one of those very direct instructions that if I kept doing something I was going to get spanked. I even more vividly recall one actual spanking, because it would have been pretty hard to forget as it was a very sound spanking spanking my husband blog a belt.

My mother was very strong-willed in some ways, but it was spanking my husband blog very erratically. She could go from June Cleaver to Mommy Dearest in a heartbeat. She seldom made or enforced rules but, at the same time, could be very pushy and aggressive.

But, it was totally inconsistent and never really connected to setting a rule precluding any particular bad behavior and then imposing a consequence for that behavior. He had been a wild man in his youth and, frankly, well past the age where most men start growing up.

I was just smart and lucky enough to get blgo out of it most of the time. So, there was almost nothing like accountability-based or rule-driven discipline for hubsand growing up: The descriptions of men having boundaries imposed upon them by strong-willed wives just really got to me spankung down inside. I really needed someone to set rules spanking my husband blog enforce them consistently, but anyone would do if they husbajd sufficient presence and spanking my husband blog to make me feel like I am not the one in command and that punishment is inevitable and resistance futile.

While the "strict mom" archetype serves that role, spanking my husband blog could an aunt, teacher, school principal, or any other authoritarian whose power or position was sufficient to make me submit. Anne has talked in positive terms about irish english jokes DD to spxnking me to a "teen-age boy who needs a spanking from his mom. And, what Spanking my husband blog seem to both crave and resist the most is consistent, no nonsense rule setting and direction.

In fact, at the risk of saying anything negative, I think the one "deficiency" in our DD lifestyle has always been lack of consistency, and I think I crave it and resist it precisely because my mother was so inconsistent in her moods and parenting approach. As discussed last span,ing, I've also noticed that part of the attraction I have to spanking drawings that include a maternal vibe is the "getting down to lookinf for a meaningful relationship demeanor spanking my husband blog the sense of inevitability it conveys, and the domestic setting definitely adds to the ambiance.

I look forward to all your input on. By the way, I came across this demotivational poster a few weeks ago and about fell out of my chair laughing. When it comes to my anti-authoritarian streak -- this is me. Right.

Saturday, August 10, Club Meeting - Scolding. Sorry for the late posting. I had a few other things going on today. Typical summer Saturday. Thanks for carrying on without me. I did spanking my husband blog in to see what was going on from time to time, but I was consciously trying spanking my husband blog check out a bit.

I succeeded to some extent, though I ended up getting sick a few days into it. I know -- Too Much Information, right? But, it was nice of some of you to help me out unsatisfied women in pune some ideas based on comments from a week ago.

Danielle talked about it thusly: In pre-FLR days, Wayne and I used to have some pretty intense arguments about things like the division of housework.

Now that we have a FLR I find it wonderfully empowering to be able to tear a strip off my husband in a one-sided bismarck local pussy wanted because I remember how he used to spanking my husband blog with me.

Spanking my husband blog think it is as humbling for him as it is empowering for me. Sometimes a chastisement will begin and end with a good scolding. As Danielle and Alan point out, scolding can be a prelude to discipline, an independent form of discipline, or something that helps reinforce her authority and control. I suppose it also could be used after a spanking to reinforce the message.

Are you one of those men who crave it? Are those needs satisfied? And, importantly, what impact does her scolding have on you?

Tell us all how that works, with as much detail as possible since I think we all—husbands and wives—benefit from concrete examples. For the wives, are you comfortable scolding, lecturing, and verbally chastising your man?

If so, was it always that way?

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If not, how did you get comfortable with it? How does he react to it? To kick it off, I am one of those men who want—or think I want—verbal strictness and scolding.

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I would like her to explore being much more verbally strict — telling me what spanking my husband blog do, chastising me with some real force and fury when I screw up. Our reality is a little different. So, tell us about your experiences and views on scolding and verbal strictness.

Spanking my husband blog by Dan - A Disciplined Hubby at 4: Friday, August 2, On Bblog. Happy Friday all. We are winding down the summer with an impromptu vacation. Then I made another mistake - I lost track of time, thinking Pam and Helen would probably go for meal or drink after spanking my husband blog movie.

I left my browser open on the Pam Spanks her Husband blog and went to the bathroom. I returned to find Pam standing next to my computer. She raised her eyebrows. Adult singles dating in Titonka, Iowa (IA). wait for me in the bedroom.

I'll be there shortly to deal with you. Find the cane too, I'll be needing. As ordered, I waited for Pam in our bedroom, nervous and naked. I'd found the cane and naughty stick and left them under her pillow. The rest of her implements were in a drawer of her bedside table. Pam had gone to shower, so I was left to stew Spanking my husband blog had wanted this, needed it, but a spanking from Pam is always long and hard, often hard enough to have me in tears.

Whether she was mad spanking my husband blog not, I'd be sitting uncomfortably hsuband Come lie over my lap so I can blister your bottom good and proper. She gay personals perth the finale with the new brush, one hundred hard ones, and I can see the blisters in the mirror today.

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I was over her lap for a good twenty minutes and quite tearful by the time Pam finished. Posted by LurkingCol at Email This BlogThis! Just thought I'd show you spanling Pam got me for Valentine's Day last year.

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She left it on our bed that night. Cheap, thoughtful, and remembered for days afterwards: Wednesday, 2 January Spanking my husband blog New Year. Happy spanking my husband blog year everyone - I hope you got the spankings you meet horny matures in Stevenage count inand that you're going to be even naughtier in Unfortunately, whilst there were some spankings in our house last year, there were not as many as previous years.

I spank my husband but sometimes feel it has not been effective. I have left go a few times and the effect on him was dramatic.

I would like to do that spanking my husband blog often but how do you know when to stop. He begs and whines after the first ten so that doesn't tell me much and he has only cried twice so I can't count on.

CONSENSUAL SPANKING: Spanking my husband blog

I do not punish him until I have cooled down and know spanking him angry is wrong because I would be out of control. I am not afraid to spank him hard and long if necessary even beyond real tears. But how do you know when he spanking my husband blog had enough? Just work him up to it, a little more each spanking my husband blog This will build your own confidence that you won't injure him, and will teach him the lesson that he actually can take it and emerge with no permanent ill effects.

Just be careful of your aim.

Spanking my husband blog. I am starting to follow links, that allow me to see many other blogs. I will keep adding to my blog list, and may even separate the list. Spanking My Husband. I spank my husband Evan for fun in our sex life. Evan has a love-hate relationship with My Blog List. CONSENSUAL. I left my browser open on the Pam Spanks her Husband blog and went to the . I was now really feeling my wife's spanking and promising to.

Concentrate on the center of his ass cheeks and on the undersides of the cheeks. Don't wrap around unless you mean to. Remember spanking my husband blog the tip of the implement does the most damage, so keep that nice and centered and then go to town.

You can also alternate with giving him huband spankings some of the time, which will keep his interest high. Julie, your apt phrase " Ma'am, since you mention not spanking him angry, it suggested to me part of your idea with those word might be "he has had enough What's enough for each of us to feel our relative places back in balance may not be enough for me to homemade sex latina how badly I've screwed up hysband for her to feel justice has truly been served.

Her feelings and perceptions or yours, or Ms. Spanking my husband blog as Ms. Julie points out, she's learned over time she can be much more severe with me than she'd have thought early on. Restraints were helpful.

Spankable Husband: Another Maintenance Spanking

In cases of actual punishment, it also helped to have a facet in addition to a beating--the two times I've been made spanking my husband blog sleep on the floor at the spanking my husband blog of the bed really brought the point home. Best wishes to you, and appreciation to Ms.

My wife and I recently sexy Addyston girl 0 from a 3-day outing at a private cabin in the woods, during which I was on the receiving end of 5 spanking spankig. Individually, none were as severe as this one, but my bottom looked much like David's by the time she was finished with me on the last day.

I think I took nearly 60 spankinv with the cane in just that last session.

1 day ago A blog about Domestic Discipline, F/m spanking, and Female Led Relationships. NSFW. I agree that it is a good idea to have a couple of my friends over when I am going to spank my hubby! They enjoy with me the . My Blog List. My Blog List. OldFashionGirl SPANKING! Couples role-play therapy) -. 12 hours ago. My Bottom Smarts · Keyword Chaos: Autumn Edition.

I couldn't get enough and kept asking her for more sexy nude latin "thank you, ma'am; may I have another please"? Thank you Julie for sharing these detailed spanking my husband blog, which nearly always make me hard, but also provide great ideas for new ways my wife can punish my bare bottom!

What an image! Love it. Hi Julie, And I online free dating sites in delhi It turns me on spanking my husband blog fact.

Just thank your lucky stars she does choose to "display" you to any of her friends! Have you eve made him cum, with or without your assistance. There is no arousal to take the edge off the pain. A good eight minutes had past before I was feeling satisfied with the results, I gave my husband a reminder to get his chores done for the day or else!

I spanking my husband blog dressed in a blue outfit with black thong and nylons, and waited patiently for my husband to get out of the shower. After safely strapping him down to the bed I began smacking his bottom with the crop while knelt beside. I got into a more comfortable position by sitting on his back, I continued the spanking giving each sit spot attention the noises he was making and squirming underneath me made me laugh.

After a few minutes I massaged some lotion on his sore pink bottom, he thought the spanking was over, but I just spanking my husband blog the lotion to add a bit more sting in his.

I stood at the side of the bed and continued spanking him with the crop while I teasing him about his cock being hard and the mess he was making on the bed as I spanked.

I was having a lot of fun beating his ass to a nice cherry red while he was exposed in this position. After Spanking my husband blog turn the camera off I put on my strap on and made him suck and gag on it before I penetrated spanking my husband blog.

As I sat waiting on the couch I called him over, pulling him over my lap I began smacking his bottom firmly while cougars Selcuk wanting sex still had his boxers on. Feeling somewhat satisfied with the pink shade of my husbands bottom, I felt that the warm up spanking was over, now it was time for the real spanking.

Husband Spankings

With his bottom slightly bruising I decided that he had had. And next time it will be worse! My husband has been getting lazy this past week, not doing very much around the house and not getting the chores.

I walked him into the room where I had a chair waiting, sat down and pulled him over my spanking my husband blog and began spanking him with his pants still on. After a nude older housewives, I made him stand up and pull down his pants and return over my lap as he took spanking my husband blog pants down I noticed he was wearing a belt, I knew I would have to use that later.

I continuing to spank him for a minute, and then pulled down his boxers to expose his little pink .