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Japanese vs chinese women

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Author information: Differences in skin aging features between Asians and Caucasians are commonly known, whereas little is known about such differences in various Asian populations. A survey was carried out in Tokyo, Shanghai and Bangkok to identify specific features of skin aging in each population and to evaluate whether our conventional photo scale is an appropriate japanees for this type of comparative japanese vs chinese women.

Eighty-seven japanese vs chinese women residing in Tokyo, women residing in Shanghai, and 90 women residing in Bangkok were examined by a specialist.

Facial wrinkles forehead, glabella, upper eyelid, crow's feet, lower eyelid, cheek, nasolabial groove and mouth corner and cheek sagging were evaluated using photo scales previously obtained from Japanese subjects. Comparisons were made according to year age groups.

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Asia is a sprawling continent with a long, contentious history. The region is dotted with territorial disputes, many deeply rooted in the past. As these frictions have waxed and waned, public sentiment has ebbed and flowed.

One time allies have become enemies and vice versa. Alliances have japajese and gone. China is viewed throughout the region both with favor as a nation and with concern about its territorial ambitions.

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Japan is also japanese vs chinese women popular, at least outside of northeast Asia. And its leader, Shinzo Abe, inspires confidence in his handling of world affairs in many Asian countries, at least among those who have heard of.

The poll shows Asians with quite disparate opinions about each. Half or more in seven of 10 Asian countries surveyed express a favorable view of Japan, while majorities in six of 10 say this about China.

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Fellow Asians take a fairly critical perspective on Pakistan — there is no country other than Indonesia in which a clear plurality gives Pakistan a positive rating. Meanwhile, Pakistan is the only Asian nation polled in which less than half see the United States favorably. Whatever feelings Asians harbor about each other, most are likely to view the United States as the country they japanese vs chinese women rely on as a dependable ally in the future.

There is widespread concern among publics in East, Southeast and South Asia that these frictions could lead to military conflict. And that apprehension is shared by many Americans.

The most prominent of these is with longtime adversary Japan, over what Tokyo vss the Senkaku Islands and Beijing terms the Diaoyu Islands, small uninhabited islands in the East Japanese vs chinese women Sea. And Beijing claims that the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, which the two nations battled over in the Sino-Indian war, actually belongs to China.

Neither nation shares a border with China.

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Americans watch all this Asian regional territorial tension with a wary eye.